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Who We Are

HarryTolen.com offers our clients the perspective gained from many years of front-line experience in marketing and web development, and is dedicated to offering website-building services that work from both the design and marketing perspectives.

We represent access to creative ideas, backed up by a broad range of skills and the ability to integrate multiple disciplines into a unified marketing strategy and specific plan of action. We will code your pages, and at the same time make sure that your copy and layouts are compatible with the principles of search-engine optimization.

What We Do

Provide clear assessments of your current website design and identify opportunities for improvement.
Develop creative recommendations for website design, integrating code, seo, and graphics into one unified solution.
Provide you with "current draft" versions of your website throughout the development process, so that you have the opportunity to evaluate and course-correct on a real-time basis.
Implement SEO and Google AdWords compatible solutions in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, mySQL, etc., compatible with all recent Operating System and Browser combinations; track results using Google Analytics.

Why It Matters

Today's competitive environment presents significant challenges to entrepreneurs and corporations alike. Identifying and answering questions regarding web design and development, and how this can relate to and enhance your marketing efforts, requires creative thinking supported by practical experience in designing and implementing a results-oriented approach to solving your web marketing challenges.

HarryTolen.com is a one-stop shop for just such assessment and development, quickly delivering a full range of marketing-friendly web design solutions.

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